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Tips To A Clean Credit Report

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Tips To A Clean Credit Report


One of the greatest impacts on your life is your credit card score. Everything from purchasing a home to even getting a rental car can depend on the state of your credit report. For that reason, it is vital for everyone to review their credit statement at least one time a year so that you can clean up any incorrect or outdated information.

Tidying up your credit report doesn’t have to be a challenging procedure. The three major credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian, allow everyone to access his or her complete report every 12 months.

Thoroughly look through each notation cautiously after receiving your credit report. Most credit reports contain inaccurate information, including wrong notations about how an old account was closed, outdated information that should no longer be there, or even excess accounts that do not belong.

After creating a list of the false information, look for records that support what should be altered. For example, if an account is inaccurately listed as open, look for documents that prove that you closed the account. Once you have gathered all of this information, send an argumentative letter to each credit reporting agency that lists the inaccuracies with the explanations as to why you have confidence in the fact that the information should be changed. You may also need to contact the creditor individually to dispute the status of the account.

After the credit bureau obtains your information, it will examine the inconsistencies and should remove the inaccurate information. If the credit bureau refuses to delete the information and you can show that the credit report is false, you may have a claim under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This Act allows customers to file a claim over inaccurate credit reporting information, and provides legal solutions when a creditor or credit bureau deliberately infringes your rights.