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Many Factors Considered in Lien Foreclosure

Question: When should a homeowners or condo association foreclose on its lien for outstanding assessments?
5 KorteWortman Bowlerss

Korte & Wortman supports Seagull Services with Strikes

Korte & Wortman P.A.  came out in force to support Seagull Services at the agency’s second annual Strikes for Seagull bowling event. Attorneys, staff, and family members participated in the event at Greenacres Bowl to raise money for Seagull Services, which provides services to individuals with disabilities, including, housing, vocational skills, case coordination and management, transportation, education, training and job placement. Proceeds from the event will go toward Seagull’s school enrichment activities, summer camp, and the school-to-work transition program. “Seagull Services does some wonderful things for people in this community, and we had a great time...

Bank of America May Owe You Money

Let’s face it, when money is tight, it can trigger all kinds of unintended consequences, including overdraft fees. But some banks made sure to take every opportunity to help themselves to fees, including the practice of posting transactions to trigger additional overdraft fees. Bank of America in 2011 settled a class action lawsuit for $410 million to compensate people who got hit with more in overdraft fees because of their practice. They’re still looking to compensate everyone believed to be owed money, and Senior U.S. District Judge James King has said the attorneys in the case need to work harder to find those owed money. If between Jan. 1, 2001 and May 24, 2011 you had a Bank of...

Conflict On The Home Front

Take one look at the Business section of today’s Palm Beach Post newspaper, and you’ll see the dichotomy Americans across the country are facing – on the one hand, reports from real estate data tracking company CoreLogic show rising home prices. On the other, a story about American wages not merely stagnating but falling. The story about home prices rising – a reported 12 percent in the West Palm Beach/Boca Raton metro area – say home sales and prices have been buoyed by steady job gains and low mortgage rates. Meantime, the story about workers’ income declining says putting people back to work has come with lower wages, a preferable alternative to no wages. And, according to...

Help Fight Fast-Track Foreclosure Bill

The fast-track foreclosure bill needs only the signature of Gov. Rick Scott to become law, having been adopted by the Legislature on the very last day of the 2013 session. If you’ve struggled to make a mortgage, been threatened with foreclosure, or are currently fighting a foreclosure on your home, you’re probably worried about what the bill means for you. So are we. The bill is supposed to be aimed at abandoned properties, and there is language in which homesteaded properties would not be governed by the new legislation. But we know many families will be affected. In many cases, a family member may have helped an individual purchase a home. Perhaps the home has no homestead because...

Pushing The Clog Through The Drain

The Florida House of Representatives approved the fast-track foreclosure bill this week, bringing it only a vote in the Senate away from reality. Stay tuned. The 2013 Legislative Session ends this week. The bill is expected to make it easier for banks to use “show cause” orders on non-homesteaded properties. In those cases, homeowners would have to prove why the judge shouldn’t enter an immediate foreclosure judgment if the bank’s paperwork is properly documented. But “properly documented” paperwork doesn’t prove that paperwork isn’t fraudulent, and the greatest harm is the removal for an owner to be able to examine and challenge the authenticity of that paperwork. The...

Housing Bubble 2.0 Upon Us

It’s a sad reality that about half the foreclosures across the country are people falling into mortgage default for a second time. But that’s what happens when the only modification the lenders were offering weren’t loans that really matched the borrowers’ realistic ability to pay. But if you were offered one lifeline, you’d take it – even if it saved you for just a little while. Many of those homeowners took those lifelines – loan modification that were designed with increases in the interest rates or loans the borrower never could afford – because they had nothing else. Some of those homeowners are falling into trouble again. At the same time, talk is everywhere about a...
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