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Modification Retainer

Homeowner Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modification Service

Don’t have time to deal with your lender or are you going nowhere fast?

The reality is, most lenders are completely unresponsive to many of the homeowners who reach out to them for help with their mortgage.

We know Foreclosure Law

When you are represented by an attorney, you have an important ally in your corner during the foreclosure loan modification process.

We use powerful laws like the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate and Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) to bring lenders to negotiations. These laws MUST be followed and failure to do so can result in significant damages to the lender. Following these procedures lenders are more likely to agree to working out your loan on more affordable terms for YOU in order to avoid costly litigation.

Many times the borrower is charged a lot of unexplainable lender fees and charges. At The Law Offices of Korte & Associates we demand that these fees be fully documented to insure that our clients are not being over charged by their lender or servicer.

We do not tolerate abuse and command respect with our thorough knowledge of the law. We are consumer and homeowner advocates that will protect you and your home.

We take loan modification seriously. Be careful of loss mitigation companies advertising to save homeowners from foreclosure. Some of these companies are not even attorneys and they are offering to represent a client in a highly sensitive manner.

The Law Offices of Korte & Associates have a strict code of ethics and professional responsibility to adhere to and this is a serious matter that needs action by a licensed and competent attorney.

We use the law to place lenders and servicers on the defense and make them fix your loan.

The faster we start the loan modification process and the more time we have to work, the greater the likelihood of success. If you are unsure of the foreclosure laws in your State contact a local real estate professional, or our office.

The Law Offices of Korte & Associates make no guarantee of a successful outcome when attempting a mortgage loan modification with your lender or servicer. Our office accepts clients who can afford their home and need a professional advocate in their corner to present their case to their lender or servicer. However we make no guarantee on the outcome of your case.