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Order a Forensic Loan Document Review

Let our Team examine your loan for Truth in Lending Act violations, RESPA Violations and Fraud.

Loan Modification Service by the Law Office of Brian K. Korte

This service is specialized and imperative in identifying if a borrower is a victim of predatory lending. We review all loan documents and perform a thorough investigation for miscalculations and to determine if the loan terms are accurate, truthful, and meet the requirements of the applicable federal statutes.

Forensic loan document audit looks for:

  • Constructive fraud
  • Fraud and negligent misrepresentation
  • Breach of contract

Loan audit report -Results Report of all factual findings of the forensic audit

  • Any and all applicable federal law violations
  • The real terms of your loan
  • Outline of hidden fees and/or commission earned by your broker or lender
  • A complete assessment so you can pursue possible legal claims against your broker or lender

Documents needed for consultation:

  • Truth in Lending Disclosure Statement
  • (3-Day) Notice of Right to Cancel
  • HUD-1 (or HUD-1A) Settlement Statement
  • Mortgage and Note (with any riders or attachments)
  • Uniform Residential Loan Application
  • HOEPA or “Section 32” Notice (if lender treated loan as a HOEPA loan)