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Loan Forbearance

Some of our clients are eligible for Mortgage Forbearance, which will give you time to gather your assets. In Forbearance, you are allowed to delay or reduce payments for a short period, with the understanding that another option will be used at the close of that time to bring your account to a current status. Your lender, if in agreement, will then temporarily cease legal actions.

Lenders may agree to combine your Forbearance with Reinstatement or a Repayment Plan. This plan works for people who have just experienced a sudden living expense increase or income loss. We will negotiate with your lender to explain this hardship and hopefully get you the time you need to readjust your spending and recover financially.

**A forbearance agreement with the mortgage lender’s mitigation department usually does not take the borrower out of foreclosure at all, but rather simply causes the bank to “postpone” or “continue” the foreclosure sale until the payments are completely caught up. If the borrower does not comply with the exact terms of the forbearance agreement (a few days late, a few dollars short), the foreclosure sale takes place immediately (often within days).