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Curbing Holiday Credit Card Debt


Curbing Holiday Credit Card Debt

This holiday season, Millennials will potentially spend $63 billion, which would be more than they spent last season. The average spending per person is expected to reach $805, with more than half of shoppers planning to splurge on non-gift items for themselves. Many people get swept up in the spirit of the season and tempted by alluring sales, forgetting to spend within their means. This results in worrisome credit card debt in the New Year.

When holiday debt is combined with existing credit card debt, it can be a very overwhelming situation. The New Year usually signals a fresh start, but for consumers facing mountains of bills, it can be anything but.

Although it is advisable to take a proactive approach to holiday spending by setting a realistic budget, our attorneys at Korte & Wortman, P.A. can help If you find yourself in a situation of wanting to negotiate and settle your credit card debt. If it has reached the point where your creditor has filed suit and you have been served, we can help you defend the suit. Either way, our team of attorneys has the experience and know-how to help you through this situation.

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