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Florida Judge Invokes Classic Movie in Bank Beat Down

A Florida appeals court judge invoked the classic Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life in a foreclosure ruling this...


‘Homeowner Help’ seminar available to public Oct. 23

By Kristen M. Clark Palm Beach Post Staff Writer LAKE WORTH — Residents are invited to a free seminar Oct. 23 to...

Options for dealing with foreclosure

What is a deed in lieu of...

Be Protected During Real Estate Transation

Question: Is it true that you don't need an attorney for a real estate...

Foreclosure Delays

Question: Why aren't foreclosure cases simple for...

Many Factors Considered in Lien Foreclosure

Question: When should a homeowners or condo association foreclose on its lien for outstanding assessments?

Korte & Wortman supports Seagull Services with Strikes

Korte & Wortman P.A.  came out in force to support Seagull Services at the agency’s second annual Strikes...

Palm Beach County foreclosures lowest since 2006

Foreclosure filings are low, but cases piling up in lawyers’ offices – Brian Korte

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